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Run Run Run: The Lives of Abbie Hoffman
by Jack Hoffman and Daniel Simon (1994)
A Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam Book
published by
G.P. Putnam's Sons
New York
380 pages.
A loving account of Abbie's life as seen through the eyes of his brother Jack.

Abbie Hoffman: American Rebel
by Marty Jezer (1992)
published by
Rutgers University Press
New Brunswick, New Jersey
345 pages
A decent biography.

For the Hell of It: The Lives and Times of Abbie Hoffman
Jonah Raskin (1996)
published by
University of California Press
Berkeley and Los Angeles, California
315 pages
Another biography that I haven't finished reading. Seems pretty good so far.

Live This Book: Abbie Hoffman's Philosophy for a Free and Green America
by Theodore L. Becker and Anthony L. Dodson (1991)
published by
the Noble Press, Inc.
A distillation of Abbie's political philosophy. Includes a brief forward by Jack Hoffman.

Steal This Dream
by Larry "Ratso" Sloman (1998)
published by
A history of Abbie Hoffman in the words of the people who knew him.

The Death of Abbie Hoffman and Other Plays
by Rana Bose
Seagull Books
New York
114 pages
I know nothing about this book. I found it listed on