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Design and Creation

Pricing for web pages and sites varies a great deal due to a number of different factors.

We offer a complete range of sites from a simple business-card site to a large full featured site with dozens of pages.

Use the table on the right as a rough guide to web site design costs at GAIS.

After we have discussed your needs we will provide you with a quote so that you know exactly what your costs will be before we proceed.

We can offer all of the sites in the table and anything in between.

Sample Site Cost Guide
Type Description Cost
Business Card Basic business information, e-mail link $49.95
Small Web Site Home page, second page, e-mail link, fill-in form or guestbook $199
Mid Sized Site Home page, two other pages, e-mail link, fill-in forms and guestbook $349
Larger Site Home page, six other pages, e-mail link, fill-in forms and guestbook One or two custom graphics, several scanned images $799
Deluxe Site Frames, 10 - 20 pages interactive site, canned and custom scripts, custom background design, custom graphic animated design $1999-

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All of our hosting services are value added hosting. We locate space for your account on what we consider to be the best web server provider available and then provide you with first class support for your account.

We only use servers that are extremely reliable and are connected to the Internet using multihomed DS3 connections for superfast Website access.

GAIS Maintained Accounts
Sample Hosting Costs
Type Description Cost
Business Card All text page $3.95
Small Web Site 1-3 pages $9.95
Mid - Large Sites Several pages, scripts $19.95-$49.95
Custom CGI is not available with this type of account. See Direct Access below.
If you only need hosting without the added value of our management services, you shouldn't host through us, but we can recommend the best pure hosting services to you.   Hosting for web pages and sites ranges from $3.95 a month for a Business-Card page needing little maintenance up to $59.95 a month for a large deluxe site with custom CGI, client access, and regular maintenance.

Direct Access Accounts
(You have your own access plus you receive support from us.)
Account Type Features Setup Month
FTP Account FTP access, e-mail
100Mb quota, 100Mb/day traffic,
$30 $12.95
Basic Account Telnet and FTP access; multiple e-mail
1000Mb quota, 100Mb/day traffic, no CGI
$35 $18.95
CGI Account Telnet and FTP access; multiple e-mail
200Mb quota, 300Mb/day traffic, system CGI
$40 $27.95
Deluxe Account Telnet and FTP access; multiple e-mail
400Mb quota, 500Mb/day traffic, custom CGI
Access to lots of Webmaster tools
$60 $45.95

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We specialize in JavaScript and Perl CGI programming. We can install "canned" programs, customize them for you, or develop web based applications from scratch.

Our hourly rate for programming is a flat $60/hour. However, we have developed numerous applications and have an extensive library of code from which we draw. We do not recharge you for use of that programming, but only for the time to incorporate it into your application.

So in many cases you receive the benefit of what would normally require long hours of programming, for a fraction of the cost!

Of course we will give you a cost estimate before we begin any programming project.

Programming Guide
Language Uses Rate
JavaScript Server side applications, enables interactivity and adds life to the web site. Runs on the users machine. $90/hr
Perl Full featured language. Ideal for providing custom (on the fly) web pages, recording user information, organizing large sites, and allow complex interactivity. Runs ln the server's machine $90/hr
CGI Common Gateway Interface. Allows serverside programs to communicate with the webserver. We do our CGI programming in the Perl language. see Perl
If it can be done on a website, we can do it for you.
Our extensive libraries make for fast programming See some of our work

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Promotional Services

Our Search Engine optimization services have become a major part of our business.

We have been very successful at increasing traffic to our clients sites by optimizing their pages for high positioning in search engine returns.

We have done extensive research on the formulas that web search engines use to rate your pages. Most often we can redo your page to increase its visibility with only very minor changes in appearance.

After we have discussed your needs we will provide you with a quote so that you know exactly what your costs will be before we proceed.

Search Engine Optimization
Type Description Cost
Single Page Optimized for several keyword/phrases $99
Small Web Site Several Pages optimized for groups of keywords/phrases designed to appeal to several different search engine formulas. $295
Full Site A full site optimization for all appropriate keyword/phrases and all major search engines, additional gateway pages as needed $495
Guaranteed Positioning To achieve guaranteed positioning in one or more search engines ask for a quote.
If your site is not highly visible in the search engines you need this service.
NEW! Visibility Maintenance Products here

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General Services

If you don't see the service you are looking for here, just ask us for a quote.
  • Internet and Web consulting --- $60 to $125 per hour
  • Graphic Design --- $60 to $120 per hour
  • Search Engine Registration --- $25 and up more info here
  • Search Engine Positioning --- see Promotion
  • Domain Name Registration or Transfer ---$60 does not include Internic Fees.
          (you must host with us to use this service at this price)
  • Domain Name Hosting $4/month


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